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Where do you find asbestos?

Asbestos was used routinely in many construction materials as early as the mid-1800s right up to its prohibition in the UK in 1999.

Materials where asbestos was commonly used included: 

Loose insulations

Thermal laggings

Sprayed coatings

Asbestos insulating boards

Asbestos papers and linings

Textiles, ropes and yarns


Cement products

Textured decorative coatings

Composite materials such as floor tiles and bitumen products

Common uses for these materials within buildings included: 

Thermal loft and cavity insulation

Sprayed fire protection to structural steel

Thermal insulation to pipework & boilers

Textile insulators within fuse panels

Textured coatings to walls and ceilings

Composite floor tiles, toilet cisterns & sink pads

Some materials were used for a variety of different applications. 

Asbestos insulating boards were frequently used as:

Wall panels, door linings, door heads and footer panels, fire breaks, soffit boards and structural cladding among many other uses.

Cement products were vast in their range and included:

Cement roof sheets, wall panels, gutters and drainpipes, paving tiles, roof tiles, windowsills, flue pipes and even plant pots.

The range of uses for asbestos was so wide and varied that it is impossible to be certain that your property is completely free from asbestos. Which is why it is so important to undertake a suitable asbestos inspection using trained and experienced asbestos consultants.


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