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Who needs a survey?


Domestic Surveys


If you are buying a house or are thinking of making alterations, it's important to find out if you have asbestos in your home. Although not a legal obligation, it is wise to do so.

There are a number of reasons why.

Asbestos was used in a huge variety of building materials including plastic and vinyl floor tiles, textured decorative coatings, garage roof sheets, wall panels and boiler insulation. Many of these features are common in our homes.

When left alone and in good condition, these materials pose little risk to our health.


However, when we begin work such as lifting floors and drilling walls, it is possible that we can uncover hidden asbestos which when disturbed, can cause significant risk to our health. An asbestos survey will help to identify these Asbestos Containing Materials before they are disturbed.

Any tradespeople who wish to begin work on your home should ask to see a copy of an appropriate asbestos survey prior to the start of any work. The Health & Safety Executive place requirements on all employers to ensure that no employee is exposed to asbestos or by way of their actions, expose others to asbestos, including you and your family. If they don't have one undertaken as part of their work, make sure you do. 

Asbestos does not necessarily need to be removed when there is little chance of disturbance. But if planned works have the potential to disturb asbestos, it is wise to remove the material before this work begins. Asbestos removal need not be costly if undertaken correctly. However when damaged, some Asbestos Containing Materials can be quite expensive to clean up - especially when not caught early. Don't take the risk. Book your survey first.


If you're buying a new house and it was constructed prior to 1999, many lenders now require an asbestos survey to be undertaken. Having this done before you buy your home may save you significant and unforeseen costs further down the line.

It may even help you in your negotiations.

Commercial Surveys

If you are the owner/tenant or are the person with primary maintenance responsibilities for a non-domestic property, then you are legally required to manage the asbestos within your property. This responsibility lies under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and is enforced by the Health & Safety Executive.

Usually the first steps to complying with this legislation are to undertake an asbestos survey to determine the location, quantity and condition of any asbestos in order to put together an asbestos management plan. This document is required to allow you to keep track of any asbestos hazards by way of managing and monitoring, whilst also controlling who is suitably trained to carry out work without potentially disturbing asbestos.

Asbestiform can assist you with all of these requirements from undertaking the survey and carrying out annual re-inspections to assisting you with your asbestos management plan. We can also arrange any repairs or removal that may be required.

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